This is the personal website of Oksana Prots. I am a 3D artist, working mostly in the Maya environment, in addition to Adobe's suite of design tools. I work from Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and am inspired by simple beautiful designs.

I am very keen on any leads that allows me to develop myself as a 3D modelling and/or graphics design professional. Please browse my portfolio below for a sample of my work and feel free to send me an email for more information or just to comment on my work.


Over the past few years (2009-2012), I studied full-time at Syntra College Limburg (Belgium) in various graphic design disciplines. Recently I completed their 3D Artist training program (graduated in June 2012). During the 2011 summer, I completed a traineeship in 3D modelling at Cyborn 3D Productions. Previously, I graduated from the following training programs at Syntra:

Please download my CV for more information.

  • Maya
  • Photoshop
  • PFTrack
  • Fusion
  • Mudbox


3D Animation Videos

The following videos were created during my '3D Artist' studies at Syntra. Please click on the thumbnails to get an impression of my work.

DemoReel Race Roi Making-of Roi

3D Modelling

Please click on any of the thumbnails below to get an impression of my 3D modelling and graphic design work.


SOLUCID My previous website, includes more work relating to web design
ZAVELDRIES I designed and implemented this website for the 3-hoeven merchants association
LWB I made this website for the LanguageWithoutBorders translation agency


Feel free to contact me anytime, for professional inquiries or just to say hello. Any constructive feedback to my work is also very appreciated.

Contact me through one of the following social networks:

E-mail [me at aksana.nl]

Facebook [Oksana Prots]

Skype [malishoksana]

LinkedIn [Oksana Prots]